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Product Name: Stepping Motor Set

Model: 57EH76-YC-PD Motor, CL57-BK drive, 57EH76-YC-PD-CL57-BK motor set(optional)

Drive mode constant current drive
Drive voltage 48V DC
Excitation method 2 phase
Step angle error 0.09mm
Step angle 1.8°
Radial runout max 0.025mm
Rated voltage 3.2V
Axial runout max 0.075mm
Rated current 2.8A
Insulation class B
Rated resistance 1.13Ω ±10%
Insulation resistance 100MΩ @500VDC
Rated inductance 3mH±20%
Operating temperature -20℃+50℃
Holding torque 1.89Nm
Heat rise 80K


– High precision does not lose step

– Efficient and precise who smooth

– Terminal wiring terminal (simple wiring)

– Fully enclosed power off brake + closed loop stepper motor

– Low heat (at rest, the current is almost zero, no heat)

– Smoothness (Space vector current control algorithm and vector smooth filtering technology based on feedback encoder have a good resistance to the low-frequency resonance that troubles traditional stepper motors)

– High speed response (advanced servo control technology provides large torque output, making the system has and high dynamic response, stepping service speed can reach 600-2000RPM)

– New 32 bit DSP digital 57 closed loop stepper motor driver, engraving machine, CNC equipment available. PWM current control, very low noise, high speed torque is 40% larger than ordinary driver.

Package Included:

1 Pc x Motor/Driver/ Motor + Driver

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