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Brand: Anpukang

Name: Copper shell seven types of shielded crystal head

Shell: LG environmentally friendly flame-retardant material

Needle piece: 8pcs pure copper nickel plated gold plated

Shielding layer: pure copper plated with gold

Working temperature: -20℃ to ±60℃

Plugging: ≥750 times

Bending: back and forth ≥40 times

Scope of application: This product is widely used in switches, computer hosts, routers, notebook servers, hubs, network TVs, etc., large and medium-sized office decoration, home decoration and other high-speed local area network large database computer rooms and other places.


1. Copper shell shielding space, engineering grade seven types of shielding crystal head, fast Internet travel.

2. More stable transmission speed, pure copper gold-plated shell can bring better anti-interference performance for the network, data can be easy and stable transmission.

3 quality materials can be crystal clear; Selected LG new environmental protection and transparent PC materials, to create a needle piece will not be skewed pressure bias quality crystal head.

4. Different high toughness shrapnel, LG environmental protection PC material combined with engineers thousands of times of unique design and build shrapnel, up to 40 times back and forth bending will not break.

5. It is not only the quality but also the classic. Seiki makes the pure copper gold-plated shell, which will refuse the electromagnetic field in the bad environment and enhance the stability of the network signal

6. Meticuleously escort, thickened and broadened pure copper eight-core gold-plated needle, always can provide good contact and conduction performance in the process of network data transmission.

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