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The HDMI TO YPBPR converter can connect an HDMI signal source to a single YPBPR display terminal. It can easily convert one HDMI signal source into one YPBPR output, and then play it on display devices that support YPBPR (such as TVs and projectors).
Widely used in various high-definition video projects, HDMI to YPbPr high-definition video converter can convert full HD HDMI signal into high-definition format YPbPr signal and stereo audio signal output
Suitable for devices that only accept YPbPr signals, such as LCDTV TVs, CRT TVs, triplegun projectors, rear-projection TVs, HD recorders, etc., connected to full digital HD HDMI devices, allowing you to easily access full digital HD devices Watch high-definition videos and play games on
1 HDMI signal input, converted into a color difference signal output
Input: HDMI signal, bandwidth 165M, compatible with HDMI1.3
Output: YPBPY signal output with the same resolution as the input HDMI signal, stereo sound signal output
YPBPR signal impedance matching: 75Ω
The HDMI input formats supported are as follows: 480P(60Hz), 576P(50Hz), 720P(50/60Hz), 1080P(50/60Hz)
The output formats supported by YPbPr are as follows: 480P(60Hz), 576P(50Hz), 720P(50/60Hz), 1080P(50/60Hz)
Get signal: Connect the HDMI interface to a signal source, such as a computer, DVD, through an HDMI cable
Output signal: Connect Pb/Pr/Y to TV, projector, etc. through color difference component video cable (red, green and blue cable); connect audio cable to TV, audiovisual, and power amplifier through R/L interface
USB connection power supply: Insert the USB power supply line into the DC5V1A power jack to start powering the device

Package Included:

1 x HDMI to YPbPr Converter
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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