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  1. Brand: Cabledeconn
  2. Model: F0103
  3. Interface type: HDMI
  4. Wire material: copper
  5. Process: gold plating
  6. Length: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m
  7. Color: black


1.  Multi layer shielding, anti electromagnetic interference, stable transmission, smooth video, no delay.

2.  Support resolution up to 7680 X 4320, for the ultimate video experience.

3.  The exterior is made of high strength nylon woven mesh, which is strong and tension resistant, and protects the core.

4.  Display device and output device display synchronous screen, recommend video interaction, watch 3D blockbuster and so on.

5.  Interface gold plating process, effectively prevent interface oxidation, ensure image quality lossless transmission.

6.  Automatic synchronization of audio and video without manual adjustment.

7.  TMDs core technology plug and play.

Package Includes:

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HDMI audio and video cable

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