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* Model: YPX001

* Line length: 0.2 (m)

* Type of wire core: copper core

* Interface: USB2.0

* Transmission speed: 480Mb/s

Scope of application: 9.5mm/12.7mm SATA notebook optical drive 



* Ingenious design, connect the notebook SATA optical drive to the USB end of the computer to easily realize the function of the USB optical drive box.

* The SATA end comes with a fixing screw, which can prevent the optical drive from accidentally falling off and unstable contact during use.

* No need for external power supply, small size, plug and play, easy to carry.

* Two-color indicator light: power-blue read and write-red.


Package Included:

1 * SATA Optical Drive to USB Adapter Cable 

2 * Fixing Screw

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